Into the Infinite


Sanguine Soul is a first person shooter with ability focused combat that encourages the player to always be moving forward. The game is set in a fictional desert village inspired by historic Islamic cultures. For this project I organized art, tech, and design teams to create a complete and cohesive experience in Unreal Engine 4. Our team consisted of 13 people and was divided into 4 designers, 5 artists, and 3 programmers.

  • Managed the scope of the project by creating a plan for all features in the game and tasks associated with creating those features across all teams.

  • Generated production backlog, Gantt chart, and burndown documents.

  • Co-created the Game Design Document and Art Style Guide.

  • Created user focused team member contribution charts that tracked tasks and hour contributions by team members.

  • Managed the source and version control for the project.

  • Led weekly meetings with entire team and tri-weekly meetings with leads.

My primary responsibility outside of planning and tracking progress was to help solve problems that arose during production. Over the course of production I often moved my focus to different teams depending on the most pressing issue the project was facing, for example:

  • Trained team members in using Unreal Engine 4 and source control software.

  • Planned game mechanics and gameplay experience with the design team at the onset of the project.

  • Programmed and assisted with features that had become roadblocked or were added later in production as we approached alpha.

  • Helped manage the art direction of the project so that the assets were consistent for our vertical slice build.