Role: Producer & Sole Programmer

Reflector is a first person puzzle game where the player shoots a beam that can bounce off of special panels to teleport over obstacles and hazards. Originally this was a student project created in 8 weeks. I organized a team of 5 people consisting of 3 artists, a designer, and myself to create the original game in Unity. I then recruited a new team of 7 people with the original designer and 5 new artists to recreate the game in Unreal Engine 4 and improve on the design. The ultimate goal of this recreation was to present it at the OrlandoIX tech and gaming conference were it was a great success.

  • Created original concept for the game.

  • Managed the scope of the project by creating a plan for all features in the game and tasks associated with creating those features across all teams.

  • Organized two teams to hit deadlines for our student project and to present our game at OrlandoIX.

  • Managed the source and version control for the project.

  • Programmed both versions of the game using C# and C++ in Unity and Unreal Engine 4 respectively.

  • Trained team members in using source control software.

  • Assisted in level design and mechanic exploration to refine the gameplay experience.